The new generation has already landed: SID88 – the new low frequency underwater locator beacon for aviation.

The answer of SAE AS6254A: SID88 – the new LF-ULD

SID88 is a low-frequency Underwater Locator Device (ULD) for aviation. Aircraft in service today are equipped with flight recorders with Underwater Locator Beacons (ULBs) attached. The detectable acoustic range of the ULBs currently in use is limited due to their transmission frequency of 37.5 kHz. A low-frequency ULD transmitting at 8.8 kHz has a far longer detection range due to its lower frequency and therefore offers a perfect means of long-range underwater localisation.

The SID88 minimum performance standards:

  • Compact, lightweight and easy to service
  • Frequency 8.8kHz +/-1kHz
  • Minimum operating life 90 days
  • Detectable in deep sea down to more than 20,000ft (6,096m)
  • Detection range up to 16nm (29km) which is based on a depth of 3,500m

Tested to meet or exceed

  • ETSO-C200a
  • ETSO-C142a
  • ARINC Project Paper 677

Transport benefit

  • Lithum content less than 1 gram
  • Non-restricted for transport