Equipment BLUE90 and GREEN90


SID88 LF-ULD Battery Voltage Check

On every SID88 LF-ULD is a battery replacement information sticker (BRIS) which indicates the date of the battery replacement. 3 years prior to the date indicated by the BRIS it is mandatory to do a cleaning and functional test. This test is a battery voltage test. On the right side you can see in the video how this test must be performed.

We recommend that the battery replacement should be done by a qualified technician who completed the Novega Training and with the Ulyser as test and analyze deive. The training is offered by Novega via Webinar. When opening the LF-ULD, strictly follow the instructions of the SID88 LF-ULD CMM. Opening of the device without valid manufacturer authorisation and original tools and replacement parts will void the guarantees and operating license!

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