Equipment BLUE90 and GREEN90



Our quality is the result of well-thought-out processes, from development to production and service. Behind these are excellently trained staff and our certified quality management system (QMS).

For the continuance of the high‐quality requirements in the aviation and maritime industry, we have committed ourselves to meet the following standards and law parts:

·  EN 9100/ISO 9001 (QMS)

·  EASA Part 21 Subpart O (Alternative Procedures to Design Organisation Approval for ETSO-authorisations)

·  EASA Part 21 Subpart G (Production Organisation Approval)

·  EASA Part 145 (Maintenance Organisation Approval)

·  CAA UK Part 145 (Maintenance Organisation Approval)

·  14 CFR Part 145 (Air Agency Certification – FAA Repair Station)

By quality and safety audits conducted on a regular basis, we demonstrably meet these highest global standards.

The global market, our customers, products, employees and suppliers are our basis for the long‐term progress and continuity. A positive business culture (corporate identity) contributes to the success.

Furthermore, we offer a service which truly deserves its name, ensuring personal reachability and proximity coupled with constant dialogue and tailored to your requirements.

Our quality targets at a glance:

·   Swift, demand-oriented response based on close customer contact

·   Optimised results and processes due to continuous improvement

·   An effective quality management system driven by constant, ongoing development

·   Involvement of interested parties to improve products, communication and mutual understanding


All certificates can be found in the Documents section for download.